Dates are subject to change without notice for reasons we can't control.
Shoot Times & Schedule 
All shoots start at 8:00am & close at 5:00pm with 20 targets during DST (8:00am - 5:00pm during non-DST with 20 targets). 
All score cards MUST be turned in by 5:00pm during DST time(5:00pm non-DST), as to make it fair to those that have been there all day, whether working, shooting, or both.
Failure to abide by Club Rules & Regulations will result in disqualification. 
Rules & Regulations are posted on this website and at Club House!
Rules & regulations will be enforced!
Your failure to abide by the rules and regulations can result in disqualification and /or banishment from further shoots.

Note: Due to today's insurance company requirements, anyone attending a B.O.A.C. event, as a participant or spectator, must sign an Insurance Waiver. This includes members and their guests at shoots or any other time of year also.

NOTE: You must have no less than 3 shooters and no more than 6 in a group for scores to qualify. Also, the reason for no more than 6 is to keep groups moving at a reasonable pace.

Reminder: Please arrive in time to complete the shoot by the alotted time of 5:00pm before DST and 6:00pm during DST so your score will count and as courtesy to the host club as most working the shoot will have been there since very early A.M.

Note: Due to the cost of trophies, we can no longer hold trophies or winnings not taken the day of the shoot. Please make arrangements to be there at the close of the shoot, or have someone receive it for you. Thank you and sorry for any inconvience.

No crossbows allowed in any class.

2017 Shoot Schedule

March 26

May 21

‚ÄčAugust 20

Big Oak Archery Club