Shoot Results

Scores for Special Events, indoor shoots, club "Open" shoots, and Team Shoots are posted as soon as possible or available. Sorry for any delays or possible inaccuracies.
If you shot and your name is not listed, then we did not receive your score card.

Regular Shoot Scores

Aug. 24, 2014
BOAC Hunter Shoot

Lawson Braun        209
Grady Rodden         94

Mason Hyatt         209
Joe Tarlton II      202
Greyson Trexler     146
Landen Gist         138

Gabe Hinceman       236
Isaac Hinceman      230
Ellie Gardener      226
TJ Drew             210
Mia Braun           136
Colby Lowery         97
Katelyn Sifford      86

Young Adult
Andrew Griffin      238
Hunter Doby         211

Womens Hunter
Daria Ledbetter     205
Samantha Allen      166

Mens Traditional
Keith Ahlstrom      154
Casey Medlin        150
Scott Rodden        134
Jim Roof             39

Mens Hunter
Logan Arey          240
R.T. Gardener       234
Dave Braun          234
Ethan Fisher        234
Lonnie Hinceman     234
Gerald Lowery       228
Tom Eberhard        228
Clint Koppe         224
Donnie Ledbetter    221
Terry Anthony       216
Larry Davis         213
Mark Plott          210
Henry Carter        207

Adam Plott          203
Robert Collins      202
Aaron Eury          201
Todd Plott          200
Dale Speight        197
Travis Easton       196
Joe Quinto          188
Dwight Allen        185
David Childers      177
Allen Kent          172
David Hinceman      169
Francis Greene      168

Reid Stevens        166
Michael Doby        165
Lee Williams        164
Buster Sibley       157
Matthew Gist        149
Matt Gibson         146
Cole Plott          127
Luke Smith          125
Johnny Webster      117
Christian Herring    77
Charlie Plott        71
Jeff Webster         70

Mark Leatherman     242
Bron Hyatt          240
Manny Jimenez       234
Joe Tarlton I       213


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