Shoot Results

Scores for Special Events, indoor shoots, club "Open" shoots, and Team Shoots are posted as soon as possible or available. Sorry for any delays or possible inaccuracies.
If you shot and your name is not listed, then we did not receive your score card.

Regular Shoot Scores


Mar. 22, 2015 Shoot
Men's Hunter:
Dale Roberson      239
\__1st Place A Class winner
Tommy Shue         232
Timmy Dodson       230
David Childers     224
Danny Hosler       222
Don Bowers         219
\__1st Place B Class winner
Allen Kent         215
Brian Frieze       213
Alan Butler        213
Smokey Butler      207
Wes Flantos        204
\__1st Place C Class winner
Todd Childers      190
Devin Lyles        109
Larry Beaver       105

Women's Hunter:
Pam Roberson       205
Ashley Dodson      158

Men's Traditional:
JM Trexler         111

Young Adults:
Tanner Bailey      228

Chase McNelis      181
Katelyn Sifford    177
Greyson Trexler    157

Trey Bailey        220
Kaleb Dodson       197
Dakota Daniels     190

Bryson Frieze      143


Aug. 23rd, 2015 Scores
Mens Hunter
Michael Doby       266
Logan Arey         256
Kevin Rowland      248
Allen Kent         236
Johnathon Featherstone
Tom Mount          225
Hunter Carroll     211
Don Bowers         195
David Talley       193
Todd Howell        193
Brian Agner        182
Bradley Sifford    168
Todd Childers      152
Brian Vanderford   144
Jeff Carroll       140
John Mark Trexler  111

Womens Hunter
Jacki Rivers       132

Young Adult
Hunter Doby        189

Erik Conrad        231
Trey Bailey        156
Aubrey Conrad       91
Greyson Trexler     54


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